Poor-quality houseware items can pose health and safety hazards as they come in direct contact with us. Manufacturers and retailers operating in the houseware sector need to minimize safety risks and other challenges to meet customer needs. Homeware inspection, therefore, cannot be overlooked, especially when you want to ensure the timely delivery of compliant finished goods.

We provide homeware inspection services for all types of household items. We cater to various product categories such as kitchenware, cookware, personal care, as well as metallic and wooden items, and more.

Quality control of homeware requires considerable hands-on expertise and a keen focus on detail. We customize our standard homeware inspection checklists to include your main concerns and specific requirements for each product. However, some tests on homewares require a controlled environment to certify their compliance with related standards and regulations. We select products from each lot and forward them to an accredited laboratory for testing.

Some tests can be performed during an inspection of housewares;

  • Real function check
  • Safety check
  • Smell test
  • Adhesive test on logo and label
  • Impact test on lid
  • Capacity check
  • Water leaking test
  • Temperature accuracy test
  • Heat resistance test
  • Stability check
  • Abuse test
  • ISTA 1A or 1B
  • ASTM D3559-02
  • Accessories check
  • Packing
  • Export carton drop test

Inspection Time:
1- Pre-Production Inspection: Inspection includes which kind of raw materials will be used and checks for the understanding of the buyers’ requirements from the supplier side.
2- During Production Inspection (DUPRO ): It takes place 20 to 50 % of total production has come out of the lines. Allows the buyer to have an idea of average product quality, early in the production cycle.
3- Pre-Shipment Inspection (Final):  It takes place once 80-100% of the shipment quantity is finished and at least 80% is packed. It is the most common type of Quality Inspection check.
Inspection Method: We can make inspections in two different methods;
a) By sampling: We select from the whole quantity of your order a sampling lot, quality of selection lots represents the overall quality of your whole order according to the international AQL quality control method MIL-STD-105E / ISO 2859-1.
b) Full Inspection: Means the control of each and every piece of your order before shipment. It is mostly performed at the end of the production.
We have additional Services:
Container Loading Supervision: Supervising and picturized reporting the loading of products into shipping containers. 
Sample Picking: Sending samples to the buyer or accredited partner labs, preparing picturized reports.
Factory Audits: Audition to your potential Turkish supplier before you start doing business with them and picturized reporting.
Sourcing Agent: Fulfill your business’s procurement requirements; comparing different suppliers, logistics, quality, intellectual property risks, etc.

During a Quality Inspection, we check for;

  • The quantity produced (semi-finished, finished and packed)
  • The product specifications (sizes, colors, materials)
  • The visual appearance and workmanship (cosmetic check)
  • All possible functions tests and safety tests
  • The labeling and marking
  • The packing and packaging
  • Other checking points requested by clients

What are the steps to have a service?

  1. E-mail Contact
  2. Booking
  3. Set Inspection Date
  4. Payment
  5. Inspect & Report
  • E-mail us your inquiry at [email protected]
  • Fill out the booking form and email it back to us.
  • We contact the supplier to schedule the final inspection date. Then the invoice will be issued to you.
  • Clients arrange the service payment at least one day before the inspection date.
  • Our inspectors/auditors conduct the work and provide a detailed report to the client within 24 hours after inspection.

For regular customers with monthly inspections, we also propose great discount prepaid packages of 5, 10 or 20 inspections

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